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The Ban on Diesel Gensets can be Solved by Fuelflip Energy

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Disclaimer: Please note that the CAQM Directive has recently been updated. For detailed information, kindly click here.

A ban has been imposed by the Commission for Air Quality Management on the use of Diesel Gensets in the NCR region. This is in effect from 15th May, 2023. The commission’s directive has come as a huge sign of relief to people living in the NCR, as the region has constantly been subject to the harmful effects of pollution. The ban comes under the GRAP, also known as the Graded Response Action Plan, which is meant to impose control on activities inciting pollution, according to the severity of air pollution.

Grounds for change

As the owner of a Diesel genset, this would be the ideal time to make a wise switch to the smarter choice for energy generation, to meet energy needs judiciously and to comply with the ban. This is where Fuelflip Energy’s solutions come in handy, with our advanced Dual Fuel kits that combine feasibility and optimum operation.

How Fuelflip Energy can help you comply

Fuelflip Energy has always offered credibility and immense value to all customers via our Dual Fuel conversion kits and RECDs.

Our kits guarantee viable operations and lesser emissions and enable a smooth and convenient transition from Diesel Gensets to Dual Fuel Gensets, and have a Gas-to-Diesel 70:30 technology. This enables diesel generators to become legally compliant with the orders of all relevant legislative bodies.

Contact us to take a step towards being statutorily compliant with your means of energy generation.

Fuelflip Energy is here to save the day and help you comply with the new mandate. This is to us, as a nation, becoming more efficient and sustainable.

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