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Fuelflip Energy is an expert in providing Dual Fuel solutions for all existing Diesel Gensets ranging from 62.5 kVA to 2000 kVA. Fuelflip Energy’s Dual Fuel Systems use the technology to enable simultaneous combustion of Natural gas and Diesel in place of 100% diesel for powering diesel gensets.

After conversion, the Diesel Genset is converted to a Dual Fuel natural gas genset thereby reducing operating costs and contributing to emission reduction. Diesel emissions are extremely harmful to the planet. Dual Fueling helps significantly reduce carbon emissions from generators.

Fuelflip Energy’s Dual Fuel Systems can be programmed and developed to use the the following fuels:

Dual Fuel Systems

Dual fuelling system for Diesel Gensets - Combining two fuels to reduce carbon footprint.

Fuelflip Energy is the first company in India to develop its own Air Gas mixing technology with specialised air gas mixers designed globally and manufactured here in India.

Using world-renowned gas trains and automating the system with state of the art in house software and own air gas mixers, Fuelflip Energy systems are robust, cost-effective and the most viable solution for the DG set owners to save on costs and effectively contribute towards a better environment and complete government compliances. The advantages of Fuelflip Energy’s Dual Fuel Systems are:

Air pollution


Pollution reduction and emission control

With rising pollution levels and the emphasis on cleaner emissions, our Kit has been specially designed and developed to ensure that a cleaner and greener fuel is used to generate power in the future. 

Significant reduction in harmful emissions*

*Based on a test done on a 1000 kVA DG set fitted with Fuelflip dual fuel system vis-à-vis a similar 1000 kVA Diesel genset.

indian currency


Low capital cost

Use the Kit on any existing DG Set from 40 kVA to 2500 kVA.


Conversion Kit costs 

than a new Gas DG

saving money


Rapid return on investment and savings on operational cost

A future operational cost reduction of approximately 35%-45% per hour of use.

Rapid payback within

electric charge


No change in existing power output of the DG set

Do not compromise on your power needs.

law gavel


Statutory compliances

By converting the existing DG set the generator will come into compliance with government order and can be operated all year round, without worrying about adverse action during the DG ban period.


Post the NGT’s passing of an order* on the DG ban, the Haryana Pollution Control Board and Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board have also issued the following orders reiterating the NGT order, and enforcing the conversion of diesel gensets to partial Gas based gensets. 

*Our kit complies with the order of the NGT –(non attainment cities not meeting the standards of air quality)  dated 6th August 2019. {Page no. 16, point 7(b.)}


RECD - Highly effective technology for a better future!


No-residue filter technology


Effective monitoring of temperatures and back pressures


No consumable requirement


The device’s life span is of 10 years


No change in DG output rating after fitment


100% Compliance with government norms

Retrofit Emission Control Devices or RECDs are fitted onto diesel generators to drastically reduce the deadly Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM 2.5) in order to prevent the heavy air pollution and environmental degradation caused by these emissions.

Our Fuelflip Energy RECD popularly known as FEVE RECD consists of a ceramic filter technology and ensures minimum maintenance and the most effective space utilisation while installation.

The technology has been approved by the Indian Air Force and Defence services also and we proudly serve to reduce emissions through our devices installed in various Defence and Air force stations in India. The devices are test certified and have the most efficient PM 2.5 reduction of more than 94%.

100% Natural Gas-based Generators

Fuelflip Energy also provides Gas generators from reputed manufacturers.

Gensets from the range of 25 kVA to 1000 kVa using 100% Natural gas can be supplied. We provide Indian Gas gensets from 25 kVA to 125 kVA. All gensets above the range of 125 kVA are imported as no manufacturer is currently manufacturing bigger-rating gas engines in India.

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