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Fuelflip Energy is actively geared towards reducing mankind’s carbon footprint. Diesel generators are massive contributors to air pollution as they produce harmful carbon emissions and gases like sulphur, nitrogen, and Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM 2.5) all of which are extremely hazardous to the environment as well as our health.


To tackle the issue of carbon emission, we provide Dual Fuelling solutions and Retrofitted Emission Control Devices (RECD) in order to help diesel-powered generators to comply with government norms and regulations. These norms state that particulate matter and other harmful emissions from diesel generators must be reduced by at least 70%.

Fuelflip Energy has achieved a maximum reduction in PM 2.5 emissions with a certification of 94% reduction in said emissions through our FEVE RECDs. We have combined our efforts to offer efficient and advanced technologies in order to implement sustainable choices for the betterment of our planet for future generations.

Our approach to creating a greener world

Our name quite literally indicates what we do. We flip fuel to save the planet.

Our noteworthy milestones


More than 1000 successful installations


More than 60 lakh litres of diesel saved


More than 30,000 hours of running


Awarded Best MSME in the field of sustainability for two consecutive years (2021-2022 and 2022-2023)

What got us here

We did our first conversion when the technology was not even known to many here in India. Since then we have converted numerous Gensets ranging from 62.5 kVA to 1500 kVA. Our founder, Mr. Saahil Juneja has more than a decade of experience in the Diesel genset industry and with his technical background and expertise, he has been able to bring this technology to the consumer at an affordable price with a complete after-sales service solution.

Fuelflip Energy also has exclusive ties with the CGD companies and help to expedite gas connections and pipelines for customers, facilitating the transition from a diesel-using organisation to an efficient clean fuel organisation!

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