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Fuelflip electric wave
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We believe in powering a greener and sustainable future.


Supply and Installation of dual fuel gas kits for the conversion of existing diesel gen-sets to dual fuel gen-sets from 40 kVA DG sets to 2500 kVA DG sets.


Service and maintenance of existing diesel gen-sets from 5 kVA to 2000 kVA.


Annual maintenance contracts for preventive maintenance of existing dual fuel kits and DG sets.


Supply and installation of pre-owned diesel gen-sets.


Complete turnkey solutions for supply and installation of new or existing diesel gen-sets along with dual fuel kits and gas pipelines.


Fabrication and erection of exhaust systems and piping for existing diesel gen-sets as per government guidelines.


Fabrication, installation and repair of acoustic enclosures/canopies for sound reduction of diesel gensets.

What we do, differently

Measuring success through customer satisfaction, one flip at a time.

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The smarter fuel choice to power your homes and workplaces.

Fuelflip is an impact technology startup, aiming to reduce the harsh environmental effects of using diesel generators, while generating huge operational savings for the users at the same time. 

Fuelflip gas conversation kit

That difference is dual-fueling.

Dual fuelling is the simultaneous combustion of two fuels, where Methane-based fuel is utilized in conjunction with Diesel to operate the engine.

Flipping you savings!

Fuel cost savings vary according to the respective cost of each of the fuels. If there is a major cost differential between the cost of diesel fuel and methane-based fuels, for equivalent energy value, significant fuel cost savings would result. 

Air pollution


Pollution reduction and emission control

With rising pollution levels and the emphasis on cleaner emissions, our Kit has been specially designed and developed to ensure that a cleaner and greener fuel is used to generate power in the future. 

Significant reduction in harmful emissions*

*Based on a test done on a 1000 kVA DG set fitted with Fuelflip dual fuel system vis-à-vis a similar 1000 kVA Diesel genset.

indian currency


Low capital cost

Use the Kit on any existing DG Set from 40 kVA to 2500 kVA.


Conversion Kit costs 

than a new Gas DG

saving money


Rapid return on investment and savings on operational cost

A future operational cost reduction of approximately 35%-45% per hour of use.

Rapid payback within

electric charge


No change in existing power output of the DG set

Do not compromise on your power needs.

law gavel


Statutory compliances

By converting the existing DG set the generator will come into compliance with government order and can be operated all year round, without worrying about adverse action during the DG ban period.


Post the NGT’s passing of an order* on the DG ban, the Haryana Pollution Control Board and Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board have also issued the following orders reiterating the NGT order, and enforcing the conversion of diesel gensets to partial Gas based gensets. 

*Our kit complies with the order of the NGT –(non attainment cities not meeting the standards of air quality)  dated 6th August 2019. {Page no. 16, point 7(b.)}


Successful Installations


Successful Running Hours


Litres of Diesel Saved

The environment faces a challenge.
That’s why we’re here.

Some of Our Clients

We have installed a Dual Fuel conversion kit. This was done to reduce the emission and the running costs of the generator in addition to being in conformity with the pollution norms. 

The DG Set and the Kit are running satisfactorily.

Aditya Urban Casa Apartment Owners Association

We are satisfied with the operation and running of the Kit. We are also very satisfied with the efforts and the services provided by Fuelflip Energy for the supply, installation and commissioning of the Dual Fuel Kit.

Sunlord Apparels Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Wave Group


Perfect Bread


Prime Honda


Rockwell Automation


Victora Auto


Strawberry Studio Exports P. Ltd.


Shri Hanuman Balaji Hospital


Aditya Urban Casa Apartments


Cyber Group India P. Ltd.


Fancy Fashion


Shivalik Prints




Prateek Edifice Apartments

Greater Noida

I Care hospital


Sunlord Apparels Manufacturing P. Ltd.


ESQ Management Solutions


genset with fuelflip gas conversin kit

We specialize in renewable energy needs for those who seek a cleaner environment at efficient costs.

The Fuelflip Energy Dual Fueling Systems are designed and customized to individual genset make and model. They are specialized and meticulously engineered to adapt to Indian conditions and actual operational efficiencies.  

Fossil fuel dependency is a thing of the past. We utilize alternative, environment-friendly compatible gases in our dual-flip systems.

Gas System

  • High CAPEX

  • Only gas

  • Operation in narrow window

  • Higher O&M cost

  • Lower power density

Dual Fuel System

  • Additional CAPEX with fast payback

  • Fuel-flexibility

  • Diesel like engine response

  • Reduced emission

  • Reduced O&M cost

  • Smaller physical "footprint" vis-a-vis output

Diesel System

  • Low CAPEX

  • Only diesel

  • Fast response

  • Higher emission

  • High power density

Why Dual-Fuel System?

Fuel System Comparison

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