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Natural Gas Based Generator Price in India

Fuelflip Energy is actively geared towards reducing mankind’s carbon footprint. Diesel generators are massive contributors to air pollution as they produce harmful carbon emissions and gases like sulphur, nitrogen, and Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM 2.5) all of which are extremely hazardous to the environment as well as our health.


To tackle the issue of carbon emission, we provide Dual Fuelling solutions and Retrofitted Emission Control Devices (RECD) in order to help diesel-powered generators to comply with government norms and regulations. These norms state that particulate matter and other harmful emissions from diesel generators must be reduced by at least 70%.

Right, to get the most accurate natural gas generator price in India, it's best to avoid generic estimates and focus on getting quotes directly from suppliers. Here's how you can approach this:

1. Identify Your Needs:

  • Power Requirement (KVA): Determine the amount of electricity your needs dictate. Consider the appliances you'll power during outages.

  • Features: Decide if you need soundproofing, automatic transfer switch, or extended warranty.

2. Research Suppliers:

  • Online Marketplaces: Look for platforms like TradeIndia ([Natural Gas Generator India on Tradeindia or explore manufacturer websites.

  • Local Dealers: Search for authorized dealers of reputable brands (Kirloskar, Cummins) in your area.

3. Get Quotes:

  • Contact shortlisted suppliers with your power requirement and desired features.

  • Mention your location for any delivery or installation cost considerations.

4. Benefits of Getting Quotes:

  • Accurate Pricing: Reflects your specific needs and location.

  • Feature Comparison: Helps you choose a generator with the right features for your budget.

  • Negotiation Potential: Getting quotes from multiple suppliers allows for potential negotiation on price.

5. Additional Tips:

  • Read Reviews: Look for online reviews of generator brands and dealers to get an idea of their reputation and service quality.

  • Consider Long-Term Costs: Factor in fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, and warranty coverage when comparing prices.

By following these steps, you should be able to get accurate quotes for natural gas generators in India that meet your specific requirements and budget.

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