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Fuelflip Energy helps the nation tackle harmful diesel emissions!

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

One diesel generator at a time, Fuelflip energy is helping the environment by curbing extremely harmful emissions. These emissions especially include Particulate Matter 2.5 that has proven to be hazardous to human life.

With an aim to achieve a cleaner, safer and greener environment, Fuelflip Energy is significantly striving to contribute to the country’s standing in the world with respect to air pollution! With Dual Fuel systems and RECD, there comes multiple shifts for the better of the planet!

The process of protecting our planet

The condition of air quality in our country

Particulate Matter in the air determines air quality. A PM 2.5 count above 35 μg/m3 is considered hazardous. Our country has an average PM 2.5 count of 83.2 μg/m3, making India one of the countries with toxic air quality. This is a huge cause of concern that is threatening the quality of life for people.

Diesel engines emit significant amounts of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases are known to immensely contribute to global warming and environmental degradation. Long-term exposure to Nitrous oxide can cause severe damage to the respiratory system in humans.

The importance of Dual Fueling and RECD

Fuelflip Energy’s Dual Fuelling solutions help significantly reduce diesel emissions and thus help directly reduce the ill effects of nitrous oxide in the atmosphere.

The process of Dual Fueling is a simple, yet effective one. It involves the combustion of two fuels - mainly diesel and natural gas to help power diesel engines. This process utilises alternative clean fuels such as Piped Natural Gas, Compressed Natural Gas, Biogas and Liquified Natural gas. Dual Fuelling helps significantly reduce NOx emissions, whereas, Feve RECD helps tackle Particulate Matter 2.5 emissions.

Our contribution to the environment

Diesel engines have become an integral part of the world’s fuel needs. We may not be able to eliminate the usage of diesel generators, however, we can do our level best to reduce the environmental damage that they cause. Hence, we are actively geared toward raising more awareness about Feve RECD and Dual Fuelling solutions among diesel generator owners. Our Dual Fuel kits are fitted on existing diesel gensets, making the process of shifting to using cleaner fuel much easier. They are also highly efficient and cost-effective.

Fuelflip Energy recognises the importance of adopting sustainable solutions for a cleaner and greener future. Earth is our home and it is irreplaceable. This truth must be collectively recognised and we must urge one another to do our best to protect our planet and resuscitate our polluted environment. Mankind has received from nature in abundance, it is time we give back. At Fuelflip, we are taking every necessary step that we can in order to restore balance to our atmosphere and tackle the air pollution caused by diesel emissions.

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