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Fuelflip Energy develops India’s first Air-gas Mixer

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

After detailed research and development with the use and installation of the Dual Fuel systems for over 6 years, Fuelflip Energy is one of the first companies to develop the Air-gas Mixer component in India. This is a company that has been committed to helping the planet and reducing our country’s carbon footprint from the very beginning.

Fuelflip Energy, a leading impact technology startup, has developed IoT-enabled Dual-fuel solutions and RECD for Diesel Generators. With an aim toward providing clean air, the company is working, in tandem with government regulations, to reduce the harsh environmental effects of using diesel generators along with generating substantial savings for the users.

Various components for the Dual-Fuel system are imported from Italy, Germany and USA. One such integral part of the system is an Air-gas Mixer which was never before developed in India. The pandemic and Ukraine-Russia war disrupted the supply lines, hence the company diversified its efforts. Since the component was imported, the after-sales support created significant challenges and Fuelflip Energy faced difficulties at sites. Furthermore, the Mixers that were manufactured outside India did not factor into the Indian parameters and specifications.

Upon introspection, the team sat down with counsel from global designers and individuals with field experience who devised the Fuelflip Gas Mixing Technology. The Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat initiatives foster innovation, protect intellectual property, build best-in-class manufacturing infrastructure, and promote a self-reliant India. Taking inspiration, Fuelflip Energy became the first company to manufacture Air Gas Mixer - a product that is Made in India, ensures ideal mixing ratios and lowers delivery times. After being tested rigorously on-field with multiple load conditions, the product is a monumental success. At present, the Air Gas Mixer component is functioning optimally and has been able to serve customers efficiently.

Fuelflip Energy has been actively working in the field of Dual Fuel systems and has been collaborating with Gas distribution companies to achieve the objective of the National Clean Air Program by the Indian Government. The company has also developed its Retrofit Emission Control Devices (Feve RECD) in a joint venture to ensure the reduction of Particulate Matter 2.5 from the exhaust emissions of diesel gensets. The product is energy efficient, cost-effective, and brings forth the smarter option to power homes and workplaces. With the Feve RECD and the Made in India mixer technology, they aim to reduce air pollution and ensure cleaner air for generations to come and uphold the vision of a pollution-free India.

Saahil Juneja, the founder of the company says, “With the increasing awareness and government thrust for a clean environment, it is imperative to devise a “make in India” solution which is effective as well as economical. We at Fuelflip have tried to inculcate this thought to develop our dual fuel systems and Feve RECD so that we can offer sustainable and clean technology to the customer which is economically viable too. With the continued support and faith from our valued customers and partners, Fuelflip today gladly offers a 6-year warranty on our proprietary Air Gas Mixers. We truly recognize that tackling pollution is the need of the hour and with Delhi being the most polluted city in the world; the Dual Fuel conversion systems and Feve RECD are a solution to ensure we build a sustainable future that is also viable for the user.”

Fuelflip Energy has directed its efforts toward creating Sustainable and affordable clean technology solutions that are primarily made with Indian know-how. With our Dual Fuel technology and Feve RECD, the company is striding on the path of sustainable development and shaping a greener and healthier future with smart choices.

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